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Blood Eternal Slot Casino Game Review

You don't need to be bloodthirsty to have an appetite for some sharp wins and with Blood Eternal you will have a buffet of choices on how to win the non-progressive jackpot of 50,000 on a single spin.

Vampires, although going through a very popular phase at the moment, historically had a pretty bad rep. From the original, Count Dracula, who was an aristocrat and lived in a castle, the other suckers that crawled out their coffins via books, movies and media, have been a varied lot.

Hold onto your garlic: whether you're a fan or a phobic, Blood Eternal is admittedly steeped in the gothic genre, but the action is worthy of a Las Vegas show, and the fun is that of a true blood online video slot.

We're in such a privileged position as modern day slots lovers: Our gambling takes on a such a diverse and magical angle with the beautiful graphics that is in fact a form of storytelling that plays out as the reels spin and on top of it, you win.

The plot behind Blood Eternal is worthy of a Hollywood Casino. There's true drama as you see the Humans spin by, clearly terrified that they'll land adjacent to their relentless hunters, the Vampires. The escape is as exciting as your bet - the more you spin, the bigger the action. When a human and a Vampire land up next to each other, the Vampire grabs hold of the victim and sinks his/her teeth into the neck. Don't look away though. This is where you score big time since this is the free spins feature and you can enjoy some seriously good wins.

Whilst you're considering if you should be playing russian roulette with your sanity by taking on this epic slot, here's another factor that may freak you out - because of how much you'll win with it...

We're talking about bats. Yes, bats, bats, bats everywhere on the reels and you want these nocturnal creatures to echolocate your screen because they'll give you the wings to win that coveted 50,000 from a single spin.

There are 2 types of bats in this casino game. You get the normal bats, and then there are the doppelgängers, a kind of two-in-one. This x2 Bat Symbol appears on a single square on the reels, BUT they count for 2 in 1! So, for instance, on a line of 5x Bats, where two of them are x2 Bat Symbols, you will have a win of 7 Bats! Subsequently, there is a much greater number of wins with these Bat symbols than with any of the other symbols. Calculating up to 12 bats, this is where thar massive win of up to 50,000 on a single spin comes in - if you bet max of course.

Blood Eternal video slot has a 3x6 set of expanded reels and since is a double direction slot. There is also a Double Up Option after any standard win.

For those that love a darker theme, some interesting options and a daring character, Blood Eternal may just be a winning choice.

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