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Shocking Decision turns into a Giant Fix

(Prepare yourself. You won’t believe what happened…)

I felt my jaw slacken and my pulse pounding in my ears when I got the news. In fact, this is so unexpected, it will chill you to the bone.

***Warning: Some spoilers ahead***

An announcement from online casino giant, Jupiter Club, sent shockwaves through the iGaming industry this week due to an unusual decision that is not only highly uncommon, but that many are doubting and even calling inaccurate information.

“It is difficult to believe that an online casino group that has been around since 2001 suddenly makes such an astounding move. Why? Why now?” asked a reputable Affiliate partner that requested to remain anonymous for fear of persecution. “I can tell you this: the entire industry has gone crazy over this. Guys I’ve spoken to are simply disbelieving, but after receiving their official press release, we have to accept that it’s true. I tell you, I did NOT see this coming.”

Packed with drama, intrigue and an unexpected decision that raised serious questions, there’s enough reason to believe that this stalwart must have been faced with significant motives for such a bold, in-your-face move.

“How will this work? They must have something up their sleeve, because I simply can’t see this happening…” commented another associate.

Maybe not quite as big as Jurassic World’s release, and certainly not as trashy as Sofia Richie dumping Scott Disick (or any Kardashian saga), it’s the online casino’s curious Super Pass that has caused a ripple effect of alarm and sent me scurrying to get hold of Sonia Bradshaw, spokesperson for the group.

I had questions, and somebody needed to answer them…

Finally catching up with her in Las Vegas, it took three attempts at an interview before she finally conceded.

“What’s all the fuss about?” she asked with a poker face that immediately set my BS-antennae on edge. “It’s not as if we’re playing Russian roulette with anybody’s reputation, or anything. As a group we’ve made notorious decisions before this, some could even be considered controversial. We simply wanted to ensure that this Summer will be memorable, no matter what it took. For our Players that love gambling, this added twist will be a bonus.”

Q: Then answer this: How do you think you’re going to pull this off? Launching 10 new slots, virtually all at once, and orchestrate a triumphant marketing campaign? 

Here I have to pause, because it suddenly struck me. I was duped…  Flying across the country, hunting down the petite, dark-haired enigma, it all came together in my head the moment I phrased that last question.

Bradshaw saw the gears clicking, and turned on the charm.

“You can appreciate, that since our inception in 2001, we’ve been all about sustaining gaming growth, given the challenges of operating an online casino in the dot.com market. We’ve always maintained what arguably may be seen as a fairly ‘conservative’ approach when it came to new game releases. We went for quality slot machines, not quantity, and opted to launch a few good games a year rather than an average of four games each month at the risk of facing poor results and disappointment from our very loyal customer base.

We wanted to establish a solid, trustworthy reputation with Players and the industry alike. And with slots being the primary focus in online gambling, we only wanted quality casino games that can withstand the test of time.”

She leans forward conspiratorially and damn if she doesn’t draw me in. “Let’s be honest here, for the past decade, with very few exceptions, game development showcased little innovation with many direct copies of functionality and mechanics. This inherently presented a challenge, wouldn’t you agree?”

Q: But you ALWAYS only used Saucify games, right?

A: Correct. The Saucify team has always been game-pioneers, and their product is reliable and innovative. Their quality and stability remains undeniable.

Q: So, that’s the point. What changed?

A: This year, the group has seen a massive influx of Players and there’s a growing demand for more content, fresh games and variety. We kicked off the month with a new slot by Saucify, Vikingdom, and are all set to release an additional 9 new games, which will all be Rival Powered.

We did our homework and are proud to welcome Rival Powered. Since their inception in 2006, they’ve established a firm track-record and offer a variety of industry leading products and services that have contributed significantly to the iGaming industry.

Our strategy in getting content from this vendor is premeditated and goes hand in hand with our casinos adopting a wider e-commerce approach and stepping into the “AI” era by offering a more personalized and individually catered casino experience to the individual - with unique personalization such as content display based on individual preferences round the corner. This makes it the perfect time to expand our game selection.

Q: But everyone wants to know: How are you going to tackle this launch?

A: We’re very excited about our “Super Pass” marketing campaign. We’ll be launching a new slots game every 24 hours for 10 days in a row, and Players will have special access to the new slots on a special “Super Pass” page, giving these games undivided menu positions with great bonus offers and free spins packages.

Our research indicates that any new game launch is greatly enhanced by the level of marketing support. Our previous test run leading up to this showed the new game (Traces of Evidence Video Slot) soaring with a 10-fold increase in staking and a significant extension of the launch-life. We are confident of the massive impact of this timed exclusive.

The exciting news is that Super Pass is exclusive to us.

Q: How do you think your Players will feel about this new direction?

A: The backbone of our online casino has always been a significant core of loyal Players. Their opinion matters greatly to us, and thus we will give them a public platform to comment on their experience, and we’ll reward them for their honest feedback. We’ll be giving away $20 Cash to a total of 50 Players for the best comments / feedback of the day and the best comment after 10 days will receive $1,000 Cash.

Q: And what will your Players think about this?

A: Absolutely. We’ve achieved growth by ensuring that we offer the best and optimize customer experience, and the time has come to up our game.

However, the surprises aren’t only cosmetic. Every newly released title brings with it the latest features designed to improve game play and reward the player with new and better ways to bank more money with each spin. Coupled with our Super Pass promotion, innovations like stacked wilds, multiple grids, multi-way wins, mini-games and other special features will give Players the chance to multiply their winnings and cash out bigger sums of money.

We are excited at the prospect of adding the cream of the crop from Rival Gaming to some exciting new releases from Saucify.

Our Casino is going all out to turn this Super Pass milestone into an epic event for our Players.

Players that do not yet have an account are invited to register NOW, and then enjoy your Super Pass for 10 days of Unlocking 10 Slots & FREE MONEY!

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